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Vernacular Mimetics

The origins The International Style that appeared in the ‘20 of the XX centuries and widespread throughout the century all over the world look to unify and standardize architecture regardless of environmental and cultural context. The style wanted to expand Ford’s idea of mass manufacturing to architectural design. It rejected local

Human-driven and machine-driven decisions in urban design and architecture – A comparison of two different methods in finding solutions to a complex problem.

[originally published in the proceeding for eCAADe conference 2017 in Rome] in collaboration with Jacek Markusiewicz The authors of the paper research the aspects of two approaches in human-computer collaboration to solve an urban scale problem: positioning a new cycling-pedestrian bridge in the city of Warsaw. The first approach is

¿Qué es la vivienda social?

[originally published in Arquine] in collaboration with Selene Patlan Durante mucho tiempo la vivienda social en México estuvo en manos de los desarrolladores, pero en estos últimos años el Infonavit rescató la idea de una vivienda digna y de calidad para todos con la colaboración de arquitectos nacionales e internacionales.

Performance as a promise of beauty

[originally published at archisnob in October 2018] Oceans filled with plastic straws, severe droughts in the Middle East, dynamic and dramatic climate change, melting glaciers, massive extinction of wild animals. The Anthropocene is a euphemism for violent human behaviour against our planet. Our consciousness is rising, we sort waste and

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