Torre Universitaria

The Torre Universitaria project looks to minimize the amount of sunlight cast on the glazed facade of 40 stories tower design for Mexico City. The goal was to minimize the negative effect of sunlight at the preliminary design stage.

Project Year

Mexico City

42.000 sqm

Optimization Consultant


The goal of the project is to find the best performing shape of the building that minimized the energy consumption for air-conditioning. Since the project was in the preliminary design stage we applied the simplified technique to reduce the amount of direct radiation. Architects gave us clear indications regarding the shape.
After completing the shape optimization, a study of louvres size, distribution and position were conducted. The goal was to minimize the cost and maximize the efficiency of shading features.

In the first step, we prepared radiation rose and skydome to visualise the direction of radiation. This analysis allows the architect to work faster and more consciously on further design.

Optimization Goals

Minimize radiation on the facade


The position of points D, B, D, E, F, G (as per drawing above)


Keep the size of the office floors > 1050 sqm

Keep the area >46.000 sqm

The presented solution includes the 9 best performing options. The best-performing one reduces direct radiation by 25%, other options are still better performing than the original one and present different geometrical properties and floor sizes/shapes

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